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Employees who participate in the JumpStarz program will participate in a minimum one hour jump rope session with the goal of improving cardiovascular health, enhancing teamwork and professional relationships, and learning various jumping skills.


JumpStarz team building program is a fun, innovative way to improve interpersonal relations and social interactions while helping the group achieve results, build confidence, and accomplish tasks. Participants will walk away with a sense of accomplishment and skills they can utilize for lifelong cardiovascular health.


Other perks:

  • New, fun, and unique extracurricular activity for staff

  • Low cost opportunity to provide professional development and enhance workplace productivity

  • Featured on JumpStarz website and social media

  • Support a minority small business (SWaM)


If you want to partner with Jumpstarz, click here to get started, today!

Look who JUMPED on board and became a JumpStarz Partner?

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